[Coco] Unpacked my CoCo Stuff

Ken Carlin carlin at nauticom.net
Thu Apr 12 10:48:31 EDT 2007

I work in a pcb development and assembly shop, and we wash boards all the
time as a matter of course.  However, we have specialized machinery and
deionized water to do the job.

While I agree that some things can be washed with no ill effects in a
dishwasher, I wouldn't recommend it for the Coco.  You're dealing with
ancient through-hole technology parts, since the Coco is at least 20 years
old.  I don't think the capacitor jackets would be sealed at this point,
and I would imagine that if water got inside them you'd never get them dry
again.  Also, I'd have to imagine that there are other parts on the pcb
that were never meant to get wet.


On Thu, 12 Apr 2007, Herren Floyd wrote:

> A coworker of mine who spilled a Coke on his PC keyboard washed it in his automatic dishwasher.  Installed after it was thoroughly dry, it worked fine.
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> If you think a cat has urinated on the equipment - don't plug it in -
> the saline in the urine is highly conductive - think short-circuit.
> Someone once mentioned that a circuit board could be cleaned with water
> and dried with a blow dryer - i've used alcohol and a blow dryer to
> clean boards that people brought me where they had spilled soda and
> such on them, but alcohol sometimes leaves a residue...

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