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coco at yourdvd.net wrote:
> The Amiga OS - isn't it still available? (the OS that is, not the
> hardware) -r
It is, in a manner of speaking.  There is a company, licensed by Amiga,
Inc. to develop Amiga OS 4, for the PPC.  I guess it is (or briefly
was?) available.  There were some PPC-based motherboards being made (by
a different licensee) and sold as Amiga One systems.  Only problem is
that the OS wasn't available yet when the motherboards were being sold,
though they could run Debian Linux (or GNU/Linux, if you prefer) out of
the box, and Amiga OS 4 when available.  IIUC, OS 4 finally became
available about the time the hardware quit being made.  Now, why would
you buy special hardware to run an Amiga OS that doesn't exist yet?  I
can't afford to spend $800-$1200 on hardware that might someday run the
software I want to run.  I'll wait until the hardware and software are
both available at the same time -- especially if we're talking that kind
of money.  And if that never happens, I'm never going to buy.  I'm not
rich enough to take that kind of risk.  I've already sunk hundreds into
a TC-9 and an MM/1.  :)  Cloud-9 is wise to hold off on delivery until
they can deliver a complete product.

Mind you, being able to run Debian is in itself very nice, but I've
gotten G3 Macs for free that will do that, and piles and piles of x86 PCs.

I think they still sell version 3.x of AmigaOS for 68k machines, but I
believe you need at least an 020 to run it.  All I have is a couple 500s
and a 1000, none of which have better than a slightly accelerated
(15MHz) 68000.  :(  Check Software Hut (
http://www.softhut.com/cgi-bin/test/Web_store/web_store.cgi ) to see
what you can still buy.

Also interesting is the PegasosPPC and Morphos (and of course also
Linux):  http://www.pegasosppc.com/  This is a PPC board that appears to
still be in production.  Morphos is an OS inspired by AmigaOS, (and
perhaps partially compatible -- I think it may have evolved from some of
the extensions to AmigaOS that came along with PPC accelerators for
Amiga hardware?).  The screenshots are cool, anyway.

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>> Hey Gene, back in the day, I used to be an avid Amiga fanatic, erm, user,
>> and a guy named Daniel Barrett created a fictitious company called
>> "Blazemonger, Inc", and the company's tech support guys were named "Gino"
>> and "Luigi"...
>> Carlao
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