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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Apr 5 19:43:52 EDT 2007

On Thursday 05 April 2007, Roger Merchberger wrote:
>Rumor has it that James Hrubik may have mentioned these words:
>>Ah, memories.  Back in '77-'80, when I was teaching in Beauval SK, we
>>went one whole month when the temperature didn't get above -35C.
>It's not usually that bad here, but it _can_ be - some years back we had
>about 5 weeks straight at -25F or lower, usually lower... ;-)
>>Humidity is everything, though.
>Yup, that's for sure.
>>   Got back here to Ohio, and the same
>>down coat that kept me warm in the bush could not keep me warm at
>>0F.  Dry cold is much easier to take than this lake effect stuff.
>>The place I would NOT want to be would be the east side of Lake
>>Michigan or Lake Huron, or UP Michigan.
>The UP of Michigan is one heckuva lot drier than you'd think - it may
> seem weird for being surrounded by water, but we've got some of the
> lowest relative humidity levels of the state during the winter... I'd
> *much* rather live here than Detroit in the winter.
>>Gene, up there in the bush, the guys would get their dozers running
>>(diesels) by building a fire under the oil pan.
>My dad's a trucker, and until he purchased a 150,000 BTU diesel/kerosene
>fired "salamander" we had the bottom of a 55-gallon drum we'd put a
>charcoal fire in to warm up the bellypan of the ol' Cummins engine...
> both methods took a long time, but the blower was a lot easier to
> manage.
>[[ Oh, and Gene: Sault Ste. Marie's is in the Eastern UP, on the other
> side of the peninsula.... Basically stay on I-75 north until everyone
> says "eh?" and you'll be in da Soo. ;-) It's around 2 to 2.5 hours to
> Escanaba, depending on how lucky you are speeding on US-2... so at
> least 3 hours away by road from where you service. Google Maps says
> over 4 hours, but Google maps doesn't know the right roads to take. ]]

Humm, I took off up 2 headed east one Sunday, but got bored about an hour 
out and turned around.  Been to Escanaba going the other way a couple of 
times, that's where the crane operator (Roy Ness) works out of.  An 
L-1011, reach 185'.  Yeah, that one.  Needs escort vehicles, 
overweight/overwidth perms, daylight travel only & all that.  Sure beat 
trying to rig a jin-pole to set that 8 bay channel 8 antenna on some 
overgrown sawhorses so I could replace a few feedlines.  Worst part of 
that deal was that the guy on the tower doing all the work, went back to 
his day job 2 days later and was electrocuted on the job.  Walter Doer 
was his name.

How long is the ferry ride & whats the fair for a full sized pickup?

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Cheers, Gene
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