[Coco] Fest Weekend

Richard rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Thu Apr 5 15:06:54 EDT 2007

You and your son bonding over hot coco 8-). What a great story. Hope Mary 
picks up on this. It would be a great "aside" in her newsletter. Especially 
the "Dad! I broke your computer" part. It was great that you knew how to fix 
it. My solution would have been to take down to my local Radio Shack and 
basically say the same thing... "It broke!" 8-) I bought my first coco to 
stay up on some of the programming techniques I learned in college. AT that 
time "structured programming" was the current rage. It was hard to learn to 
do that in RSDOS Basic, but I managed to pull it off. With the help of 
Rainbow, I put together a pretty good address database that was menu driven 
and would launch a new program, depending what was called for via the menu. I 
had the most fun trying to figure out how to write a sort program for it. Got 
it done after a fashion, but others could have done it much more effeciently.

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