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>That depends on which side of zero the 30F is.  I got up one  February 
>morning in Rapid City SD back in the mid-60's and wound up  taking my 
>hunting truck to work, nothing else would even think of  starting.  A 
>thermometer nailed to a tree about 10 feet from where  the pickup normally 
>sat said -39F.  Dressed for it at 5AM, it  didn't feel that cold, till I 
>tried to stir that stick shift into the  next gear.  It had 50W CMO oil in 
>it, which just wiped itself out  of the way like so much clay, no oil 
>pressure and a slight rod knock for  the first mile, so it didn't get 
>pushed for rpms, just enough to get it  to move.  But I got to Skyline 
>Drive and put KOTA on the air on  time that morning...
Back in 86 when I was going to school and living off my motorcycle
I had to  ride back from work at about 12 midnight and the  thermometer
read -20 F.   I put several layers of newspaper under my coat on  my
chest for a poor man's "body armour" and taped some straws together
so I could breath the warmer air under my coat and not fog up my
full face helmet.   As I was about halfway home I heard a  loud
"whinning" noise.   Just as I thought the engine was going to  sieze
I noticed my speedometer needle was wildly going back and forth from  zero to
full scale.   The silicone grease in it was begining to  thicken
up fouling the mechanism and causing it to "howl" in protest.  :) 
Anywho I made it home and promptly took the battery out of the
bike and took it into the apartment with me.   The only vehicles  on
the road were either air cooled (bikes and VW beatles) and those
which were stored in a garage.
hardcore biker and coconut,

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