[Coco] Introducing myself - Carlos Bragatto

Carlos Bragatto carlos.bragatto at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 14:06:36 EDT 2007

Hello, everybody!

I'm Carlos Bragatto, from Brazil, friends with Marcus Teta Garrett, and
hopefully, a CoCo3 user. I'm collecting computers and videogames consoles on
and off since 1989,
but I never had a Color Computer. I have some MSX computers, two Sinclair
Spectrums, Commodore64, a Commodore128, some Amigas, lots of Macintoshes,
etc etc etc.

I hope to buy a CoCo3 in the next few months, and then I'll need all the
help that I can get. Marcus said this is a very good list, with very
supportive people, and I hope that he's telling the truth. Or I'll break his

Thanks for having me,

Carlos Bragatto

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