[Coco] Pac-Man and Donkey Kong Challenge

James Hrubik jimhrubik at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 5 13:55:53 EDT 2007

I never did quite like sled; my choice of editor was ed running out  
of an 80 column MV window.

On Apr 5, 2007, at 1:32 PM, Joel Ewy wrote:

> Jim Hickle wrote:
>> Boisy,
>> Don't have enough experience with sound & graphics to produce a  
>> Pac-Man,
>> but am looking for a project. Hate to reinvent what's already  
>> available, though.
>> Do we already have any decent text editors for NitrOS-9?  I looked  
>> on RTSI but only found sled.  Don't remember much about sled but  
>> there must have been some reason I kept using tsedit.
> My recollections of sled are that it was almost, but not quite,  
> half-way
> usable.  I believe source was included.  Maybe its usability could be
> improved.  It would be nice if there were a good, easy-to-use
> screen-oriented editor that could be distributed along with NitrOS-9.
> FWIW, I use TSEDIT also, with the 'vi' patch.
> Another good project would be to add wildcard support to the shell and
> utils.  I remember using some hacked-up version of shell+ along  
> with (at
> least) copy and move utilities that added wildcards back in the  
> day.  I
> haven't found such in current versions of NitrOS-9.  Maybe I'm just
> missing the magic incantations.  It'd sure be nice to just 'copy ^32 *
> /dd/cmds' and then get on with other work in another window.
> A better, end-user-oriented bootfile generator would be nice.   
> Something
> that keeps track of the size of the bootfile as you add and remove
> modules, and displays a running tally of stats on the screen.  Maybe
> even an optional GUI front-end, so you can click on modules with the
> mouse to add or remove them from the list..  Then click a button  
> and it
> will build the bootfile and save it.  Highlight a disk icon and click
> another button and it will ezegen it in place.
> How about some header files, documentation, etc, to aid in the  
> creation
> of subroutine modules.  I've long thought that that was one of the  
> most
> neglected features of OS-9.  Apparently they are somewhat  
> complicated to
> write.  But a few appropriately selected, shared subroutine modules
> could add a lot of functionality to multiple applications at the  
> cost of
> comparatively little memory.  Text and graphics processing routines  
> come
> to mind as potentially useful shared runtime libraries.  This can tie
> back into a text editor project, and also a GUI bootfile editor...
>> I was thinking of maybe porting micro-emacs.  Before a lack of  
>> space forced my CoCo into storage I was working on a text editor.   
>> It was object-oriented-ish C, inspired by an article in the C  
>> User's Journal.  Sure was slow.
>> -jim hickle
>> jlhickle at yahoo.com
>> Boisy Pitre <boisy at boisypitre.com> wrote: I know that Nick  
>> Marentes and John Kowalski can do this, but I'm
>> issuing the challenge anyway:
>> Guys, get your Pac-Man and Donkey Kong games to run under NitrOS-9!
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