[Coco] Popularizing CoCo 3 in Brazil

Marcus Vinicius Garrett Chiado marcus.chiado at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 08:47:01 EDT 2007

Yeah. Definitely, the cheapest way is "surface". It´s cheaper, but
it´s a very slow method  as well. I´ve bought an Apple II GS set on
eBay the past year and I asked the seller to have it sent by surface
mail. It took two months plus two weeks for the package to arrive.

Actually, at this very moment I´m waiting for my BBC Master to arrive
from England. It was also sent by surface like a month ago.


2007/4/5, Mark Marlette <mark at cloud9tech.com>:
> Marcus,
> Wish we could find a cheaper way to ship.
> We are READY! :)
> Thanks!
> Mark

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