[Coco] Diego Update! Welcome Home!

Nuxie at aol.com Nuxie at aol.com
Thu Apr 5 00:21:35 EDT 2007

Yes I agree everyone that it is great they are being so nice to him. Of  
course how could you not just adore diego. He is so nice and would always help  
anyone out.  He did call me today when he was waiting for his bus  home....(he 
must know how much a woman worries hehe)  He was almost in  tears as he told me 
he couldn't believe all the emails and nice things people  said. He said the 
people at the facility even charged his cell phone up for him  for the ride 
home.  I told him about our collection of funds and again he  was speechless. He 
told me he don't know when he will go before the judge but  they said it will 
take probably a month.  He said it is a long journey to  his home in New 
Jersey and he will for sure be in chat Thursday night. He still  has a long bus 
ride home.  So lets all gather in chat to welcome him home  tomorrow night! A 
real coco fest die hard fan! I think we might have found our  new cocofest icon? 
 I would like to put someone on the task of drawing a  cartoon character of 
him for my next issue of the newsletter Since he is always  a big part of my 
Viva la CoCo!!!
Mary Kramer

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