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Wed Apr 4 13:08:03 EDT 2007

Ok our financial update is as follows: as of right now we have $637 for  
20 people have sent in money.  I  think this great.  I also  donated 30 from 
my account so that brings the new total to $667.  I am  expecting to hear from 
him by friday.  My money for a phone card for him  should be there by then.  
In the mean while all we can do now is try to  locate any personal web pages 
or web pages he might have posted on to see if he  has any friends listed. If I 
do not hear from him by Friday I am thinking Maybee  we can ask someone from 
a voulenteer lawyer organization to contact him for  us.  The people at the 
facility said that there is a organization called  Voulenter lawyers that give 
the people orientation when they first arrive.   The judges office said I can 
call them each day to see if he has faced a Judge  yet but that is all they can 
tell me is if he has or has not been before the  judge yet.  
So all you google geeks get to googling and see what personal info you can  
find out about diego.
His full name is Diego Rodrigo Barizo Fernandez
he is from Montevide Uruguay.
He was also a very successful ebay seller.
His birthday is July 1972
Lets get to crackin
He has a brother named Rueben not sure if the last name would be the same  
though or not

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