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Jim Cox jimcox at miba51.com
Wed Apr 4 00:17:38 EDT 2007


I couldn't agree with you more about making it to the next 
Fest.  I couldn't make it this year due to work (new IC 
released) and time limitations, and I would like to make 
it next year, but I do not travel well due to having to 
lug my CPAP and Diabetes kit through airport security.  My 
CPAP is getting old and may not survive the trip and if it 
dies, I am sunk.

It is inspiration though to get in better shape so I won't 
be so dependent on the CPAP (I have been doing this, this 
is just more motivation)

I am very saddened by what has happened.  I have mixed 
feelings about immigration issues and while I know what 
Diego did was wrong, and even though we never met in 
person I considered him a good friend and I am sorry I 
missed the chance to meet him.  Besides Canada and Mexico 
I have never been out of the US, and I have wanted to 
travel and see Ireland and New Zealand (and OZ too Bob, 
Brian and the rest) and now I am adding Uruguay to my 
list.  I want to meet Diego.

I think Mary is doing a great job organizing things and as 
I stated earlier, if I am asked, I will provide a 
reference for Diego.  I know it's pretty much a done deal, 
but I hoping he is given time to get his stuff together so 
he can take it with him.

Hopefully people like Ward and Rogelio can help.  I see 
this email is starting to ramble so I best stop for now.

Even though this is a bad experience, I am glad to see the 
community pull together to help one of our own.


On Tue, 3 Apr 2007 21:22:39 -0500
  Frank Pittel <fwp at deepthought.com> wrote:
> Back in the dark ages while I was going to school I got 
>to know a few people
> that tried to over stay their student's visa. When they 
>got caught and were
> up for their deportation hearing a few of us went as 
>"character" witnesses.
> It didn't help a bit then and these days with the 
>sensitivity towards illegal
> aliens I'll bet that things have only gotten worse over 
>the years.
> There are a few areas that we can help however. The 
>first is helping him deal
> with his possessions here in the US and helping him get 
>them back Uraguay<SP?>.
> The other area is if/when he tries to come back to the 
>US. Having references may
> help. In any case I knew of Diego by reputation and when 
>I met him at the fest I
> found him to be a very likable person.
> We should keep in mind that he knew what the risk was 
>when he came to the fest and
> yet he felt that it was important enough to take that 
>risk to go. As impressed as I
> was by/with him at the fest the thought that going to 
>the fest was important enough
> to him to risk everything over makes him more impressive 
>in my mind. How many of us
> have ever risked all for anything?
> I'm sure I'm going to get more then my fair share of 
>hate mail for saying this but
> since it looks like there's going to be a "last 
>cocofest" again next year I would like
> everyone to give a little more of themselves and make an 
>extra effort to not only go
> to the 2008 "last cocofest" but to help make it the best 
>fest ever. I remember that
> everytime I saw Diego during the fest on sunday I 
>noticed that he was smiling almost
> ear to ear. He was having a great time.
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