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That is good news. Another good thing is that Diego will get to see his family for the first time in years. He once told me that his brother still lives in Uruguay and has a CoCo3. It is indeed a shame how this is all playing out, not just for Diego but for the whole nation. I have seen the enemy, and it is us.


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good news everyone.

They are going to let me send him money to use for a phone card.  I  have to 
send it as a postal check.  So i want to send him at least 30  dallars so he 
can at least call out etc.  I will get this in the mail  today. So hopefully 
after i can talk to him i will have his alien # and we can  send him more money. 
So anyone wanting to donate money to diego go ahead  and start sending it to 
my paypal account _Nuxie at aol.com_ (mailto:Nuxie at aol.com)  and that way it 
will have time for  me to withdraw it so i can get funds to him as soon as i hear 
from him.


this is what this comminity is all about is coming together to help someone  
in crisis. 


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