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Jim Cox jimcox at miba51.com
Mon Apr 2 23:24:51 EDT 2007


INS tends to look for those kind of relationships and in 
this case it would be too late.  The best thing for us to 
do is write our congressmen and see if they are even 
interested in this matter.

Another thing to do would to write either a litter of 
reference that could be provided to the court to show that 
Diego has a large number of friends from across the 
country who are willing to support him.

I got a chat message from him that said "Immigration's got 
me. Thanks 4 being a friend"

Diego will always be my friend and I if I can do anything 
to help him, I will.


On Tue, 03 Apr 2007 12:53:46 +1000
  David Roper <dave at ebonhost.com> wrote:
> What if we get him married to an American? Can he stay 
> Any volunteers?
> Kind Regards,
> David Roper
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> Nuxie at aol.com wrote:
>> Send a note, that anyone and everyone near his present 
>>location, that can  go
>> to his hearing before the judge, needs to go.
>> Someone should also  be calling and emailing 
>>senators/congressmen in that
>> area.
>> Also, his  boss/friends where he lives should also try 
>>to be present at his
>> hearing, so  the judge sees he is a member of the 
>>community in good standing,
>> with many  friends and acquaintances.
>> Thanks,
>> Mary
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