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Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Mon Apr 2 12:53:58 EDT 2007


It was good to meet you on Saturday. I'm also glad that you made it home
alright. I do want to apologize for the advice about taking 294. It
should have been clear saturday evening. Next year the work on 90/94 will
be finished so you can take that! :-)


On Sun, Apr 01, 2007 at 10:53:03AM -0400, Nuxie at aol.com wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I made it home safely as well after a near death experience in my home  town. 
> We survived the trip to and from chicago, with all that construction  and 
> narrow lanes.  When we got back into our city though my brother was  driving and 
> he was supposed to merge onto state hwy 41 he was checking his blind  spot and 
> did not realize the lane we were in was ending. I kept watching that  big 
> metal 4 foot tall median get closer until i finally screamed my brothers  name. 
> we missed ramping it by 2 inches as he slammed the car into the next lane.  
> Luckily all the traffic saw what was going on and cleared the lane. we started  
> to skid as he steered a hard right to miss the barrier and he jerked the car  
> left then right and then left again to regain control. Luckily everyone moved  
> out of our way and we did not roll over or hit other cars. if hadn't done what 
>  he did we would have ramped that median and rolled my vehicle at least 3  
> times.  I think prayers were with us when we started our 10 hour rainy  drive 
> home in the dark.  I wish i could have stayed past 5 pm at the fest  but i knew 
> in my heart that it was going to be rainy and we would end up driving  in the 
> dark.  I just thought if we were going to wreck it would have been  going 
> through chicago lol.  Needless to say I probably wont be driving my  car for a 
> while as I am in severe shock. But i do believe that god knew I had my  son to 
> take care of and he guided my brothers hands that night.  Praise the  lord for 
> our safe return and thanks to god for having my mom insist i did not  take my 
> son with me to the fest.  
> it was a rough trip home last night ,,,,,, there were also high winds and  
> then i heard on the radio around iriquois county Illinois about tornado  
> warnings.......I thought ohh lord not another tornado.  That turned out to  be the 
> least of my problems lol
> I was really happy to finally meed Brother Jeremy, Steve Bjork, Allen  
> haufmann, tony,  and robert crislip and bob swoger..... I had to give out  hugs !! 
> The first person i saw when i entered the room was bob swoger man he is  a 
> giant lol!! but I gave him a big ol hug anyway! You guys are like my family  and I 
> absolutely loved seeing you all..... even though Mark didn't bring our  
> wedding cake!!
> Sock 
> Everyone couldn't believe your game. I handed out 20 copies! Their  reactions 
> were priceless! We first put it in a glenside coco and couldn't get  the 
> joystick to work. allen kept saying "i knew it was a April fools  joke!!
> so i went and got my coco and it worked fine.  I did a video taped  interview 
> with steve bjork, I videotaped cloud nines siminar and a little bit  misc 
> footage.
> Talk to you all in chat tonight!!
> Mary
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