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Sun Apr 1 12:43:38 EDT 2007

I'm in no hurry - However, I notice Roger Taylor wants one, so if you
want you can bump me to the end of the list and give him my spot :-)

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> Date: Sun, April 01, 2007 8:58 am
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> >So, how long is the waiting list on the  converters? I am on the list at
> >my other email address (same domain name,  sales instead of coco) :-)
> >Does your converter use a PIC or something? I  made one a while back
> >using a method of digitizing the analog rgb into a  line memory and
> >outputing each line twice to d/a converters. It worked  okay, but when I
> >saw yours I added my name to the list by emailing you -  your picture
> >quality is better than the one I made. I think I could  perfect the
> >circuit, but for the price, I think I'd rather have one of  yours. :-)
> >-Robert
> Yes it uses an Atmel ATtiny12 micro controller and the waiting
> list is about at 8 persons including you.  I can make about 3
> per week with no interruptions so that should give you some
> idea of how long it will be....
> Roy
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