[Coco] Importing CCRs

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Sun Apr 1 04:05:05 EDT 2007

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Yes, the original kraft paper was replaced by a plastic film, and the 
> coatings also improved with better binders & other metals alloyed into 
> the rouge, finally getting so smooth that head wear was much less of a 
> problem.  Now, its only really abrasive in high humidity conditions.  
> Keep it at less than 20% RH, and the wear is almost a non-factor.
Well there is another fun fact! I did not know that humidity had any 
effect on head wear. I assume you are primarily talking about those 
machines that use some kind of drum? According to the humidity meter it 
is 48% in my house. What kind of wear am I going to see?

> In the '70's when I worked for NETV, at one location out in Nebraska there 
> was 3 of those 2" wide quadruplex machines in their own air conditioned, 
> dehumidified room, being used for the one hour time delay by the NETV 
> commission network since NE has 2 time zones.  A roll of tape went on 
> those machines and didn't come back off for months, just recorded, 
> rewound and played, rewound and re-recorded, wash, rinse, repeat, 
> 19/7/365. They knew the head life they were getting was good but it was 
> really driven home when they had a rotary transformer in one of them 
> fail, and it was only a cheap 100 hour rated head.  Checking the books, 
> that head then had 7800 hours on it.  The head re-builder fixed the 
> transformer for nothing, said the tips were fine & sent it back.  It ran 
> to something over the 11 thousand hour mark, but that was typical.  No 
> food, smoking or anything else was allowed in that room.  11,000 hours 
> from a 100 hour pro-rated head is pretty good IMO.  At most stations, the 
> budgeted cost for operating expense on those was $20/hour, 15 of it due 
> to head wear.  The other 5 was how much more a tech that understood them 
> cost to keep on the payroll...
Uhm. A what? What is a quadruplex machine? Was the humidity connection 
not well known?


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