[Coco] [Color Computer] problem with .dsk file transfer

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sat Oct 14 06:54:15 EDT 2006

david_g21120 wrote:
> I downloaded the newest version of NitrOS-9(6309) from the NitrOS-9 
> project web site, but I am having problems transfering the disk image 
> to a CoCo disk, the (dos/windows)DSKINI.exe program is only writing 
> the first sector of the disk and then giving me write errors. My 
> Wintel box is running XP with Service pak2, and only has 1 floppy 
> drive (1.44mb 3.5") I need help figuring this out... The 720k disk I 
> was attempting to use can be formatted in OS-9 on the CoCo and in 
> WindozeXP. I have the software on the CoCo to read PC formatted DSDD 
> floppy disks, and can transfer files directly to CoCo formatted 720k 
> disks on the Wintel box. Is there a way someone could archive the 
> files for the new version of NitrOS-9 with either the CoCo versions of 
> ar (ver 1, 1.5b or 2.0 or LHA) and e-mail them to me so I can get the 
> new version running? 

Your problem is WinXP which is preventing DSKINI.EXE and most other DOS 
programs from talking directly to the floppy drive. You have two 
choices: 1) boot to another OS or DOS from a special WinXP floppy. 2) 
use OmniFlop to format, read, or write Coco disks under WinXP.

The first choice may not be enough if your hard drives are formatted as 
NTFS rather than FAT32. If you have a FAT hard drive or partition and 
want to try this, WinXP format can create a DOS boot disk.

OmniFlop can easily be found through a Google search. The program is 
free but you will need to get a license for Coco type usage via OmniFlop.

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