[Coco] NOS9 mb script

Chester A Patterson vchester at setec-cr.com
Tue Oct 31 12:18:44 EST 2006

Granted, I built my startup the old way, without the -z. However, why
would it work fine from TERM_80 and not from TERM_32? I'll make the
switch to the -z and hope it works from TERM_32. Thanks.

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Chester A Patterson wrote:
> I EZGen'd scbbt and T1 (in that order) in right after SCF, rebooted, 
> and it didn't work (freeze boot) I'll try other locations.
Have you tried modifying the scripts in the NitrOS-9 distribution rather
than using EZGen? Maybe the problem is with EZGen rather than scbbt and

> Another curious problem.
> I made a TERM_32 bootfile. Boots fine, until startup gets to wcreate, 
> then everything freezes. If I omit the wcreate commands in startup, 
> boots fine. When I try to wcreate from TERM (32), again deep freeze.
> What gives? Thanks.

Perhaps you should post the relevant lines from startup. I suggest that
you are not using the syntax wcreate -z which the OS-9 manual indicate
should be used if the command is in a startup file. Look at p. 6-99 in
the SO-9 user's manual.

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