[Coco] Re: 32 col vdg

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 30 19:53:17 EST 2006

Leon Howell wrote:

> Robert Gault <robert.gault at ...> writes:
>>Chester A Patterson wrote:
>>>How do I boot up NOS9 with a standard 32 column vdg term (and/or make
>>>windows) where I can use KQ3, Liesure Suit Larry, Robot Odyssey,
>>>Deskmate3 and whatever else like these? Thanks. (Showing my years away
>>>from OS9)
>>Any window can be changed to a vdg type with xmode if it has not been 
>>xmode /w# par=1 pag=16
>>where # is the number of a non-initialized window, will make that window 
>>a vdg type. Then:
>>iniz /w#; shell i=/w#&
>>will activate the window and start a shell in it.
> Ok, suppose I actualy manage to get makeboot and a modified standard.bl to 
> produce a bootable disk (yeah, right!) with v1-v7 in OS9Boot. Should'nt I be 
> able to put /v# in the parameter line of the AIF? Better yet, in the AIF 
> there's a line for the window type, like 7 (or was it 8?) for 40X25-16. Isn't 
> there a code for VDG window? Couldn't it be used in the AIF?
> OTOH maybe I havn't got a stinking clue what I'm talking about. If only I had 
> a manual...

That's an interesting question. I have not tested the possibility but 
doubt that it will work.

The aif file derives its definitions from the OS-9 system call DWSET.
If your read the description of DWSET you will find the following styles 
for a window:
code     meaning
$FF      currently displayed screen
$00      process's current screen
$01      40x24      text
$02      80x24      text
$05      640x192x2  graphics
$06      320x192x4  graphics
$07      640x192x4  graphics
$08      320x192x16 graphics

There is no option here for a vdg window type and therefore the should 
not be in an aif file.

Again I've not tested this but I don't think you can run MultiVue from a 
vdg screen.

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