[Coco] atlanta cocofest 1991 oops i mean 1993

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Atlanta  CocoFest
Dale Kramer;
    The highlight of my involvement with Cocos was
 attending my first CocoFest on Oct. 2 & 3, 1993.
     I had asked Rick if I could hang around his
 booth at the Fest so I could have a base from which
 I could go exploring. He offered to put up with me
 if I would help man the booth. The stage was set for
 my adventure!
     I hope that this article will encourage others
 to support all events and clubs that they can. In a
 nutshell, I won 11 prizes in hourly drawings ; sold
 30 extra Rainbows, an Ochestra 90-CC, 1200 baud
 modem, DCM-Pak, and a box of ROM-PAKs ; and bought
 a 3.5 & 5.25 80-track drives for about $43, a S/S
 PAK for $5, a 0k 2-Meg memory board for $80, the
 Basic Uraveled set for $15, and some Fest T-shirts!
     Some of the people I met were R.C. Smith, John
 Daniels, L. E. Padgett (Adventure Survivors), Alan
 Dages (who handed out the prizes), Eugene Adams,
 Tony (DISTO) DiStefano, Tony Podraza(Glenside Club),
 Ken Fish & Keith Houston (Pres. & Vice-Pres. of the
 Atlanta Computer Society-ACS), Boise Pitre, Frank
 Swygert(Farna), and Andre Lavelle(Sbug). Whew!
    The first three people above plus Rick Cooper and
 myself gave CFDM a presence at the Fest where many
 new members joined up. I did not get to meet all who
 showed up as it was a busy time Saturday.(EGAD!)
    Ricks wife and oldest daughter manned the booth
 while he and the two youngest gave a seminar on Disk
 Magazines. Rick annouced during the seminar that he
 would be offering the SUNDOG software through Ricks
 Computer Ent.!                              =>
    Finally, Sunday afternoon came and people started
 slowly leaving. I will return here next year. I hope
 you will be there!
                      Dale Kramer
 RICK: Thanks for the report Dale!  It was GREAT to
 see you and the other Friends at the Fest.  Dale is
 a little modest in his relationship to the RCE booth
 at the Fest!  I don't think we could have managed
 without Dale's assistance.  Thanks Dale!

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