[Coco] atlanta cocofest 1991

Nuxie at aol.com Nuxie at aol.com
Mon Oct 30 00:30:22 EST 2006

hey there guys if you were at the atlanta cocofest circa 1991  
pleasssssssseee get ahold of me. my dad was at that one and on one of his CFDM  post he 
listed off some names of people he met and talked with. here are the  names
R.C. Smith
John Daniels from tn
L.E. Padgett
Alan Dages
Eugene Adams
Tony Distefano
Tony Padroza
Ken Fish, and Keith Houston they were president and vice president of  
atlanta computer society
Boise Pitre
Frank Swygert
Andre lavell 
of course i already know some of these names like tony and boise but if  
anyone remembers chatting to my dad Dale at the CFDM table with Rick Cooper  
pleaaaaaaaseeee tell me.

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