[Coco] Using laptop floppies on CoCo (or PC for that matter)

Diego Barizo diegoba at adinet.com.uy
Sun Oct 29 22:36:32 EST 2006

No, not me, but I just remembered those dual drives...That in a single 
5.25 bay give you a 5.25 and a 3.5 drive. With those, you could have 2+2 
drives in the chassis...

Mike Pepe wrote:
> Someone here- Diego maybe? was wiring up laptop floppies to a CoCo.
> Anyone know if there's such a thing as a 34 pin to (whatever laptop 
> floppy drives use) connector? I've been searching around and haven't 
> come up with anything.
> I had a laptop floppy in a swappable module I was going to take apart 
> to investigate, but now I can't find it.
> The thought also occurs that I could put two 3.5" drives and one 5.25" 
> drive in a standard FD-500/501/502 chassis if I could get the connectors.
> -Mike

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