[Coco] 32 col vdg

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 27 16:49:28 EDT 2006

Chester A Patterson wrote:
> How do I boot up NOS9 with a standard 32 column vdg term (and/or make
> windows) where I can use KQ3, Liesure Suit Larry, Robot Odyssey,
> Deskmate3 and whatever else like these? Thanks. (Showing my years away
> from OS9)

Presumably, you are booting into a 40 or 80 column term or you wouldn't 
have asked the question. The simple answer would be to change the term 
module in the os9boot file to a vdg term. However, there is no reason to 
do that just to run a program that expects a vdg screen.

Any window can be changed to a vdg type with xmode if it has not been 
initialized. The parameters that need to be changed will depend whether 
you are running classic OS-9 / NitrOS-9 or the new releases of NitrOS-9 
from nitros9.org. The rest assumes you have downloaded a recent 
distribution of NitrOS-9.

xmode /w# par=1 pag=16
where # is the number of a non-initialized window, will make that window 
a vdg type. Then:
iniz /w#; shell i=/w#&
will activate the window and start a shell in it.

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