[Coco] OT: Advice in dealing with Geekitis :)

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Sat Oct 21 22:58:19 EDT 2006

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> I think this is the best place to ask this, since there 
> are so many of you on this list that are working on 
> projects and getting stuff done.
> How does one deal with having Geekitis?  It's the 
> condition that makes you want to play with so many new 
> technologies and interests that you never get anything 
> done.
> How do you stay organized and focused on your projects and 
> not jump on to something else.
> -Jim

Ok, I am not as bad as Joel, but I feel I am getting there. I have a ton 
of projects, all of them in one state or another, and they all just seem 
to gather dust.

For instance, my two "major" projects currently on-going is the disk 
conversion project (for Carey) I am working on, and my other "major" 
project is the complete revamp/rework of my website. Both are major, and 
both need to be completed. Which one I complete first is unknown, both 
are pretty much at the same level of doneness.

I was working pretty heavily on the disk conversion, then my wife 
started getting tired of me talking about it, and I had stopped doing 
work on my website (it is a complete rewrite/restructuring in PHP and 
MySQL - lot's of work here). I was beginning to forget where I was on 
it, so I decided to take a break on the floppies and work on it. At some 
point, I will be back to the floppies.

On top of all of this are other geek related projects I have either 
"in-mind" or "semi-active" - a couple of ROVs, a robotics platform idea, 
numerous VR-related ideas, etc.

Then there are the "needed things" around the house and whatnot, some 
related to the geek stuff, most not. For instance, I need to get my 
workshop completely organized - it is a crazy mess. I also need to setup 
and install a "media PC" for the living room. This includes finishing 
the network link (I ran the cat5e 2 years ago, I just need to 
install/crimp the ends and plug in). I have work to do on two of my 
vehicles. I have ideas for security camera installations. On and on...

I am already at the "overabundance of projects" that "never get done", 
or so it feels like it. I focus on the main two geek projects (the disc 
conversion and the website update), and for the others, they get done in 
"order-of-priority": main things right now are getting new brake pads 
installed on my daily-driver pickup, and looking/fixing a tranny leak I 
have on it. I have resigned myself to knowing that I will never complete 
all of my projects, or even be able to get to the "pie-in-the-sky" ones 
I have (for instance, if I ever get the room and the money, I have this 
crazy idea to build a general-purpose heavy-duty exoskeleton - something 
similar in scope to the Loader in Aliens). None of this causes me worry 
or bother - many of my projects seem to exist for the purpose of 
stimulating my creativity and drive to finish my other projects (not 
that it is a great drive, mind you). If I didn't always have projects to 
do, I think I would just be a couch potato for the greater part.

-- Andrew L. Ayers
    Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona

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