[Coco] OT: Advice in dealing with Geekitis :)

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Sat Oct 21 18:19:56 EDT 2006

I'm probably worse about this than anybody.  I have unfinished projects
from the 1980s that I swear I'll get back to someday.  One of those
projects is a set of "task registers" for multitasking other projects. 
I plan to build a rack with slots spaced about 4" apart into which I can
slide a shelf on which 1 or more projects reside.  I have a number of
salvaged 2x3' plywood shelves that are large enough to hold, say, a CoCo
with a disk controller, a project board, and a bunch of parts.  I will
be able to slide an entire project out of the cabinet, place it on a
workbench, work on it, and put it away, without having to pick up each
individual part and box it up, while at the same time taking advantage
of otherwise un-utilized vertical space.  I could fit 8 or 10 project
shelves in the rack -- more or less -- depending on the height of the
stuff on the shelves.  Someday I'm really going to build this.

Meanwhile, RJRTTY's commentary about good documentation and keeping the
number of running processes low is sage advice.


Jim Cox wrote:
> I think this is the best place to ask this, since there are so many of
> you on this list that are working on projects and getting stuff done.
> How does one deal with having Geekitis?  It's the condition that makes
> you want to play with so many new technologies and interests that you
> never get anything done.
> How do you stay organized and focused on your projects and not jump on
> to something else.
> -Jim

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