[Coco] Mega-Pak (was Keyboard Q.....)

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 20 20:56:31 EDT 2006

David Roper wrote:
> Hi Phil,

Phill :)

> The mega-pak sounds like a great idea. How many different titles do you 
> think you could handle at once?

Well, the board can take up to a 512K flash/eprom, 8K of that is taken 
for the menu and loader, and if it works as planned it can use a mixture 
of 8K and 16K roms, so up to 63, 8K or 30, 16K. The other thing I'm 
possibly going to try and implement, is save a copy of a cassette to the 
rom and load it from there, should be much quicker than from tape, but 
would also mean less programs/rom.

Hopefully I'll publish the design and code once I have the thing 
finished, I'm also hacking support into Mess, and asuming that the Mess 
team are ok with that, it'll be in there too :)



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