[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Problem with .dsk file transfer

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 16:43:27 EDT 2006

XP claims it will handle it. I haven't tried it yet.

To format a disk

  1.. If the disk you want to format is a floppy disk, insert it into its drive. Otherwise, skip to step 2.
  2.. Open My Computer, and then click the disk you want to format.
  3.. On the File menu, point to the name of the floppy drive, and then click Format.
  4.. Specify the following options: 
    File system 
    Allocation unit size 
    Volume label 
    Quick Format 
    Enable Compression (NTFS only) 
    Create an MS-DOS startup disk 

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    From: Dave 

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 720K format is not supported by XP.

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