[Coco] Usergroups / Hardware Hunt (was: Anyone got snowover there?)

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 01:25:36 EDT 2006

unfortunately, your USA-bred printer has one *major* failing.

It works off 110Volts 60Hz, and we aussies use 240Volts 50Hz.

'nuf sed.

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> Rumor has it that David Roper may have mentioned these words:
>>Currently, I'm short a printer
> I have a Tandy DMP-{mumble} currently collecting dust - I don't know if 
> it's old enough to have the CoCo serial 4-pin port on it, but if not I 
> might be able to scare up a serial/parallel converter for it...
> =-=
> Lemme go look.... .... ....
> DMP 134 - negative on the serial port, so parallel is where it's at...
> =-=
> Assuming slow-boat shipping to AussieLand isn't prohibitively expensive, 
> it's up for grabs in a couple of weeks. (I have a 10 megameter round-trip 
> business trip coming up in a couple of days; I won't have time for packing 
> other than my clothing... and my T200. ;-)
>>  and a 5.25 drive for my PC to enable transfers. I'd also like to add a 
>> mouse and a cassette deck to the collection (I've got a large volume of 
>> stuff on tape, and no way to load it!)
> <MODE="evil bast^Hrascal">
> Whaddya need a mouse for?
> </MODE>
> That said, does Australia use 50 or 60 Hz. main power? A lot of 5.25 
> drives of that vintage used the line frequency for rotational management, 
> and 60 Hz. drives would need to be adjusted for 50 Hz. use, if I'm not 
> mistaken.
> Darn - I guess the beer (and the amaretto, and the 10-year-old aged German 
> plum schnapps - alcohol's the only thing that works on me for a headache, 
> and I had a doozy today!) took it's toll on my braincells, as I didn't 
> think voltages either... I can't remember if y'all use 120 or 240VAC - and 
> google's too far & bedtime's too near for me to find out on my own... ;-)
> Anyway, if you need anything, just holler!
> This is alpha-bravo-eight-kilo-kilo signing off...
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