[Coco] OT: Anyone got snow over there?

Brian Blake random_rodder at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 14 00:09:08 EDT 2006

I'm with the other Floridians, sunny and 83 here today, low 50...

If we get snow I'm going to the Caribbean. I did one winter in Chicago and a bunch in Dayton, Ohio. My snowy days are behind me...

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Sunny and in the mid-50s here today (about 15 C) and I played 9 holes of  
golf this afternoon.

I wouldn't mention any of this, but I am in MAINE, New England, USA, and  
everyone thinks we have cold weather up here!

Much milder winters here on the coast than when I lived near Chicago.

FWIW, we think we might get some flurries up in the inland mountains this  
--Mike K.

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