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Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 21:32:13 EDT 2006

David, send me your snail mail address off list, and I'll get one in the 
mail to you. devries.bob at gmail.com

Regards, Bob Devries, Dalby, Queensland, Australia

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> Bob Devries wrote:
>> David Roper said:
>>> Currently, I'm short a printer and a 5.25 drive for my PC to enable 
>>> transfers. I'd also like to add a mouse and a cassette deck to the 
>>> collection (I've got a large volume of stuff on tape, and no way to load 
>>> it!)
>> You don't mention if you have a disk controller cartridge?
> Hi again - Yes, I'm all disk'd up, thanks to Briza! I've got a CM-8 and 
> MPI, too :)
>>> After picking up a cheap Coco2 the other day, I realised I don't have 
>>> the RF cable needed to use it with a TV. Nor do any Dick Smith's / Tandy 
>>> in NSW carry such an item anymore.
>> This cable is quite easy to make up yourself from the following Dick 
>> Smith parts:
>> P-2020 Economy 75 Ohm Plug
>> P-1422 RCA Plug
>> W-2081 RG-59U coax cable.
>> You will need to be able to solder, however.
> Eeek! Soldering is waaaaay outside of my league - I'm a web designer, not 
> an engineer!
> I'd be happy to pay someone to make a few up for me, though - any takers?
> Kind regards,
> David
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