[Coco] Re: Another weird error

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Oct 12 20:41:45 EDT 2006

Leon Howell wrote:
>> Is that my code, Leon?
>> Or another similar effort?  ISTR I called mine IcnEdit.
> I'm pretty shure it's came out of the .lzh as "IcnEd", but I could be wrong. 
> It has a Multi-Vue interface, 40-collum mode, and "IcnFiles" and "DirFiles" on 
> the menu bar. When it crashes, the shell is in a window on the right side of 
> the screen, less than half the screen size. Sound Familiar?
The crash? 'fraid not.  The rest is somewhat familiar though.

>> Unforch, if its my code, I'm about 950 miles from my coco ATM, so theres 
>> not much I can do about it till I get home. Somewhere in the week to 10 
>> days range before I wrap things up here in upstate MI.
> What, no auto-answer modem?

Nah, I shut the mail suck off at home, and I'm using thunderbird on my 
lappy on a wireless network here in the motel for the duration.  All 
running linux of one flavor or another.

>> I do some things with syscall in my version of that, and its possible 
>> some patches to nitros9 later than 1.16 (thats jurassic) may have broken 
>> something I do in order to handle the number of icons it can handle.
> It's also possible that I left something out when I installed it. Are there 
> any special system or data files required?

Other than RunB and the basic09 syscall utility, I don't think so.

> If it is the program, and you have time, an update would be nice, and so would 
> an *icon*.

Humm, if its my archive I'm sure there is an icon for it in it.  But not 
being where I can check it, I'm relying on memory thats at least 10 
years old now.

> The only other option is IcE, and I really don't like that one at all.

Neither did I. :)

Cheers, Gene

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