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  I've just concluded a license with Zebra Systems to make the Coco
  Graphics Designer available again.

  I'm trying to come up with a price that would seem fair to everyone.

  I have to see what Clipart & Font Discs I still have.

  I was thinking of something like $9.95 for the program (I have to
  print the manual and make disks), and $2.00 each for Clipart and Font

  And offering a package deal of $14.95 for the program and a bunch of
  the Clipart and Font Discs together.

  I'll have more details in a couple of days.

  Also, I'm licensing the Zebra Car Sign Designer to print "Baby on
  Board" type signs on Coco's and possibly Apple II, Timex and other

  But, I won't have the plastic signs and suction cups in time for
  Saturday (assuming the Supply in Stewart's Warehouse is still in
  usable condition).

  I was thinking of $7.95 for the program alone, and a bit more for the
  program and 3 to 5 blank holders. The end price depends on how much
  Stewart wants for the Car signs and paper paks.

  If I can get the blank media here in time, I'll have them for the
  Swapmeet on Saturday, and definitely afterwards directly.

  Any comments?



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