[Coco] SCSI Flash memory drives

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon Oct 2 14:48:39 EDT 2006

On Monday 02 October 2006 11:27, Jim Hickle wrote:
>Will these SCSI Flash memory drives work with a TC^3 controller? I don't
> know what "LVD" means.

LVD means the drive has a low voltage differential interface, one where the 
signalling wires are assigned 2 per bit, and the status of that bit is 
determined by compareing the instant voltages of the two wires.  Not a 
case of logic 0 (0.6 volts) or logic 1's (2.4 volts and up) measured 
against ground that the more common single ended interfaces use.

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