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Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Tue Jun 14 08:45:14 EDT 2005


> Also, even though today a lot of people understand about dithering and how
> to optimize images for the devices they will be viewed on later, many do
> not go the extra mile to do this work.  The person in charge of creating
> these graphics should also be more than a novice or willing to take advice
> from somebody who has done this kind of work.  I will follow the threads
> as
> much as possible and offer some advice with the graphics and dithering if
> needed.

I do plan to experiment and seek wise counsel on image compression and
expect that after enough feedback and testing I will be able to come to a
place where I am happy enough with what the end product looks like to make
a final production decision.

I hope that I communicated that I am not only open, but encouraging people
to share their opinions and experience.  There is at least one instance
where someone made suggestions that lead to my finding a better technique
for scanning the magazines to get the highest quality images.  At the same
time I also hope that if I make decisions that differ from your opinions
that you will grant me some leeway.

> So, will there be some kind of meta format each page of the magazine will
> be stored in, or will this be a direct scan of the pages into optimized
> bitmaps?

I am fairly convinced that PDF is the best cross-platform delivery
mechanism for the scanned images of the magazine and do not have any plans
to create a DVD that could be played in a stand alone DVD player hooked up
to a television.

There are a lot of opinions on what "features" the finished product should
have, as well as in what form it should be distributed in.  I have been
weighin all of these things in my mind and the way I am going to go
forward is this:

1. Highest priority is scanning the magazines
2. If a complete set of "Rainbow on Tape/Disk" can be collected I would
like to include them with the final product
3. If OCR is feasible, then it would be a welcome addition.  This is a
sticky subject for me.  Even if the OCR is %99.99 percent accurate program
listings are going to be very difficult to proofread, and proof-reading in
general is going to be very time consuming.


Michael Harwood

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