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Mon Jun 13 12:56:24 EDT 2005

I'm not sure how much I would read, myself. Reading an actual magazine is a 
lot more comfortable than sitting in front of a monitor. That said, I'd still 
love to have my Rainbow magazines on a disc. I'd willingly pay $100 for a 
complete collection.

Paper magazines won't last forever. We're seeing reports of damaged magazines, 
and even TRS-80.com lists some issues of 80-Micro as too damaged to scan. I 
consider Rainbow to be a significant part of history, and one which I feel 
strongly toward preserving. At the very least, having them on disc allows me 
to print the article that I am interested in reading.

As for OCR, I would be happy with just a comprehensive index with short 
summaries of the contents. This would be far easier to produce than 
proofreading an entire issue. My own experiments on issue #2 showed that the 
font used made it hard to recognize text -- the lack of descenders especially.

> At 04:02 PM 6/12/05 -0700, Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
> >My request for feedback on some of the issues
> >that were hosted on Dennis site produced NO responses. NONE.
> >I have concluded that scanned magazines are NOT being read. I still have
> >many more to go but will not be proceeding.
> I'd guess two things are happening. Without your message being reiterated,
> it was forgotten. And many people who are not on the list are reading, too,
> and never would have read that request.
> Hundreds of downloads of documentation, magazines, and other documents are
> downloaded daily from the ftp site. So somebody's reading something!
> If you like, I can add a request for feedback to the main readme file at
> ftp://maltedmedia.com/coco/
> Dennis
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