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Tony Podraza tonypodraza at juno.com
Sun Jun 12 22:36:53 EDT 2005


I had my CC3 running 24/7 for about 10 years, running Cup O' CoCo BBS.  It is true that I had extra cooling (I installed a muffin fan under the keyboard and it's own power supply next to the keyboard support post) but aside from user induced crashes, it ran just fine.  I was running the BBS under OS9.
Put the system on a UPS so it keeps running during power glitches.  You might loose your heaters for a while, but the CoCo won't be crashing, and you just might have enough heat in the soup to carry over til the power returns.

-- Aaron Banerjee <spam_proof at worldnet.att.net> wrote:

   I seem to have misplaced my Coco I technical spec manual.  Does anyone
know how much current the cassette relay can handle?  Is it different for
grey models, coco 2's and coco3's?  I'm wanting to use the cassette relay
to control a heating element for a fermentation vessel (I'm making wine
and beer).
   Thanks in advance.  Oh, one more thing, how long is it "safe" to keep a
coco continuously running without having it crash or freeze up?
                              - Aaron

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