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Boisy and I talked just about this same thing. Tragic!!! If you want to 
send me additional information in private Email, I'll see if he has 
purchased anything recently. I keep a current Email list in Peachtree.

The people that sign up for the task of the Rainbow DVD Library need to be 

Another thing to consider to is the possibility of the auto sheet feeder 
destroying a page or two on a jam..... :( Remember when you stand at the 
copier and it jams on the one document you didn't want it to. Always 
happens, even at work on multi-k$ machines.



> > Adventure Survivors,
>Someone, somewhere, is working on these.
>I sent my copies of this news letter to someone (Name and address withheld,
>for now) to scan, back in the spring of '04.  He has not replied to my
>enquiries for some time as to progress, and/or returning the originals.
>(His E-mail wasn't bouncing the last time I enquired.  Time for another
>Bruce W.
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