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Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Fri Jun 10 12:47:46 EDT 2005

ABBYY Fine Reader has an option which will scan pages to PDF as images but
will also put the text in the background so the document can be searched.

"Text under the page image:- The entire image is saved as a picture. The
recognized text is put under it. This option is useful if you export your
text to document archives: the full page layout is retained and the
full-text search is available if you save in this mode."


"Replace uncertain words with image:- If you save your document in the "Only
text and pictures" or the "Text over the page image" modes, you may have
uncertainly recognized words replaced with their images. To do it, set this


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From: "John R. Hogerhuis" <jhoger at pobox.com>

> Actually, I don't think the OCR is a risk.
> Think of it this way: we have a bunch of scanned pages, I filter them to
> black and white, and run OCR on them. This is a batch operation so it
> doesn't take anyone much time.
> Proofreading work can be done be people who don't even have a scanner,
> so we have the possibility of bringing in many more volunteers. That
> means we're even more scalable than the scanning work. So we'd probably
> be done with OCR at about the same time as scanning work in general is
> done, so no work would be delayed by it.
> I really think it should be brought into scope, considering the clear
> utility of such a resource (grepable Rainbow, cool...) and the fact that
> it's not a hard thing to do (done it before on Thinking Forth).
> Just raw ascii text.No doing a repub or anything seriously hard like
> that.
> There are probably a few of us who could take on this aspect of the
> project if you want to split the production work between OCR and
> scanning.

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