[Coco] Call for Volunteers

John R. Hogerhuis jhoger at pobox.com
Thu Jun 9 17:17:40 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 14:20 -0600, Michael Wayne Harwood wrote:
> Thank you!!
> As a side note regarding scanner equipment I do not feel that a document
> feeder is necessary - it's a conveinance.  My own scanner's document
> feeder produces streaky documents due to the way it is built and I plan on
> doing the scaning by hand.  I spent hours last night doing test and feel
> like I have a work flow that works for me.  If you want to participate and
> do the scanning a page at a time please feel free to do so.
> We will be pursuing setting quality standards insofar as what ppi to scan
> at and what color bit-depth master scans will need to be, but that has not
> yet been determined to anyone's satisfaction.  We may need people who take
> on scanning to have access to a DVD burner to mail in master scans.
> We also do not have a compensation model in place for volunteers - for the
> time being assume that you will receive nothing for your efforts except
> the satisfaction of participating.  I cannot afford to pay for shipping
> for everone, and the other costs involved wiht wear and tear of equipment
> needs to be taken on at the descretion of the volunteer.  Someone
> mentioned that a PayPal donation system should be setup and I think that
> might be a good way to generate money for project expenses.
> I am discussing the possibilty of giving scanner volunteers a free set of
> the finished product with Lonnie, but at this point it looks like he would
> not be agreeable to that for any more than 4 or so people.  It would not
> be fair for the first 4 scanners to get free sets, but mayhap we could all
> agree on some sort of reward system for the 4 most helpful volunteers...

What's wrong with money or credit against the full set? Give Lonnie his
his $.25 per issue per volume. Just up per-dvd price until you can cover
the expenses of the volunteers (shipping and destroyed mags). Shipping a
DVD via media-mail costs less than a dollar, I think it shouldn't be too
hard to cover materials as long as people keep receipts. I think the
more significant cost is destroyed magazines.

The question is how much that delta has to be to cover the non-labor,
non-equipment costs of the volunteers as well as the administrative
functions, whether the product can bear the cost (i.e. how many can we
sell at an acceptable price).

-- John.

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