[Coco] Scan Test

Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Thu Jun 9 13:59:02 EDT 2005

Zipping it up doesn't significatly decrease the size - I did attempt it
and had little success as the PDFs are already fairly well compressed. 
The compressed .tif files from the orginal scans came out to 250mb for 12
pages at 300ppi/24bit color.  For a 150 page issue that would be about
3gb.  A single layer DVDR holds 4.7gb.  There would be at least 50 DVD's
needed to archive the high quality images, and while I am going to do that
for myself I do not envision anyone would want to distribute sets of 50
DVDs.  The time it would take to burn would be daunting.

My experience is that when an image is scanned in at higher quality and a
separate tool is used to get the images into the appropriate size and
color depth for the application the results are a better quality than if
scanned in at lower quality.  The 8bit color scans were, in my opinion,
not as good as the 24bit.  I am planning on doing quite a bit of testing
and analysis regarding what the best quality/size tradeoffs are going to

I would be interested in your own experiences and welcome any helpful

Michael Harwood

> I really don't think even the high quality version should be anything
> like 400 GB (100 or more DVDs). Something is amiss.
> Did you try zipping that file? I'm interested to know if it compresses
> at all with a smart algorithm.
> -- John.

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