[Coco] RE: Rainbow magazines]

John Hogerhuis jhoger at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 17:43:57 EDT 2005

Whatever the format I think it has to work on Windows, OSX and Linux
(Linux for me to be interested). But if you put it in something else I
would just have to convert it for my own use under Linux.

Whatever you do *do not* lock it up in some dastardly DRMed format.
Please, open, standard, unencrypted, no passwords or keys to lose.

The only document format I know that permits that and has good readers is PDF.

In any event, we're basically just using the format as a container for
scanned pages. No matter what format we use it ain't gonna be tiny.
Also we should separate the issue of how to scan and what will be in
the final product. If you scan at 600dpi B&W, we can down convert it
to 150dpi later, automatically. But if we want color we have to decide
that early on since it can't really be added later.

For Thinking Forth we actually re-typeset the book, so that's why it
is so small. There's no graphics there except for the illustrations.
Everything else is one character approx equals one byte.

I think it would be a lifetime project to re-typeset Rainbow. Just
scan it and package it up as PDF, that's feasible.

-- John.

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