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Mon Jun 6 10:37:38 EDT 2005

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In a message dated 6/5/05 7:21:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
kevdig at hypersurf.com writes:

<<  Surely amongst all of us we can produce a nearly complete set?

                     kevin >>

      I have every single issue from the first "newsletter" style up to
1991.    I dont have the last two years 92 and 93.

       I have considered how long I would have to hide out in the Jefferson
National forest if I scanned them and spread them over the net.     Eric
Rudolph held out for a couple of years.    Do you think Lonnie could keep
the FBI interested that long?  :)))


Between you and I, we would have the complete set - my set runs from 
roughly 1987 to the end, with a few older issues from various other 
means (mainly Ebay).

Got room in that cabin in the woods?

Seriously, though - I have given thought to scanning in mine, but I 
can't yet bear the thought of unbinding them, they have too many 
memories still for me to do it. I am 32 years old, and when I started my 
subscription (well, when my parents started it), I was in roughly the 
5th or 6th grade - 10-11 years old, learning how to code (badly) from 
all the BASIC (and other) code in those magazines.

Today I am a professional software developer who has held a variety of 
jobs - I credit the Rainbow and my CoCo(s) as being the "spark" which 
led to what I do (and most importantly, enjoy) today.

I think what would cause me to reconsider, though - would be Lonnie's 
blessing to allow us as a community to do it. Has anybody been in 
contact with him lately? We should, as a community, approach him about it...


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