[Color Computer] OT [coco] Mac 512

George Ramsower yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com
Sat Jun 4 01:55:09 EDT 2005

 I think it would look pretty cool if I incorporate it into the rock fence 
I'm building on the frontage side of my property. The color of the plastic 
would blend in quite well with the caliche I'm using. The size and shape 
would make it easy to blend into the rocks.
 Only an accute observer would notice it, unless they looked directly at it.

 As it deteriorates, it can be removed and the hole in the fence can be 
reformed into a gun port.

 I like that.


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On 1-Jun-05, at 9:20 PM, George Ramsower wrote:

>   I've a Mac512 collecting dust.
>   Is there anything that can be done with this box? I think it
> would be
>  Otherwise, I'm thinking of finding a new home for it.

Other than as a collector's item, they don't have much utility. You
could fiddle around trying to hack the thing, it's a relatively
simple computer as GUI machines go. The only difference from the
 Maybe I could put the keyboard, mouse, disk drive and modem into the fence 
in various places also.

 If I had the books to go with this junk, I expect it would be worth 
something to a collector. But as-is....

Cool parts for a fence.


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