[Coco] Cleaning disks

Diego Barizo diegoba at adinet.com.uy
Tue Jun 14 09:12:40 EDT 2005

There is a department store around here that sells a pack with 3 1/2 and 
5 1/4 cleaning disks.
If anybody is interested, I could buy some and send them.
They go for $2, and I guess shipping should be cheap....

Samual Acorn wrote:

> key word 'if' ... its hard to find floppies themselves (5/quarter isnt
> even made anymore)... let alone the cleaner disks (i have one for 3½
> inch but no 5/quarter.. but i bought it a long time ago...) even so...
> a qtip w/alcohol works better... no matter what you're cleaning; tape
> deck, vcr, floppy drive, cdrom pickup... cleaner disks and tapes do
> very little in comparison... (esp those cds with brushes on them...
> dont even get me started on those...)
> On 13/06/05, blackmon4627 at bellsouth.net <blackmon4627 at bellsouth.net> 
> wrote:
> > if you can find them the 3M disk drive cleaners do real well. I have 
> one for my 5.25 drives as well. You really could tell the old TRS-80 I 
> got from my old highschool had NEVER been cleaned. It helped them out 
> a lot.

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