[Coco] Scanning Coco stuff OTHER THAN Rainbow

Dean Leiber adit at 1stconnect.com
Sat Jun 11 20:38:32 EDT 2005

I'm not sure if many people on the list recall that an OS9/Coco Archive 
was started and is still being worked on as time permits. It has been on 
hiatus (at least my end)for a few monthes becuase of family sickness, 
where I had to travel out of town (no access to my main equipment.)

The archive contains magazines, manuals, books, newletters, product 
announcements, etc. and is about 6 CDs at this point. The inital 
contributors do have a copy so it is not vaporware. If other people are 
also scanning these kinds of things it WOULD BE A VERY GOOD IDEA for you 
to contact me to coordinate this activity. Some things have apparently 
already been duplicated and I hate to see work wasted like that. That is 
probably my fault for not keeping the community up to date on the project 
as I should have. 

As far as distribution of the archive, I'm not sure exactly how to 
proceed. First off, I really don't have the facilities to duplicate/sell 
it (I'm not trying to profit it by it anyway) and second, there is that 
nasty sticking point of copyrights (esp. the books.) Dennis has been kind 
enough to host a bunch of stuff , however I think 5 GB+ might start to be 
an imposition. Part of the problem is also uploading 5 GB if you don't 
have physical access to the server.

In any case, the community in general should be concentrating on the 
Rainbow at the moment to get that done. I just wanted to remind people 
that there is another archival project underway so that we don't 
duplicate our efforts. And before anyone asks, there are no Rainbows/Hot 
Coco in the archive (too much stuff, too little time.) 

Again Michael, if I can help in some way with the Rainbow let me know.


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