[Coco] OT -- need the information.

Dave Kelly daveekelly at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 8 19:57:06 EDT 2005

I am thinking ahead to the fest next year in Chicago.

In researching video cameras, I have found some small, about the size of 
a match box, wireless cameras with sound.

My question, would ya'll be uncomfortable with someone wearing one of 
these and filming conversations between individuals, or looking at stuff 
on a table.

I plan to have a larger camera to cover demostrations, auctions and 
general floor activity.

I'm open to comments, suggestions, and new ideas. These best should be 
sent to me off line at: daveekelly at earthlink.net. Put the word Chicago 
in the subject line and I will make a filter to capture it. Otherwise it 
might get lost in the spam.

See ya'll in Chicago
Take care til then
Dave Kelly

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