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Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Wed Jun 8 08:43:39 EDT 2005

Thanks for that link!  DO you have contact information for Michael Nadeau
or the email you spoke of?  I would love to scan in all the Hot Coco I
have and make them available to others.  The microfiche would be expensive
to say the least - $140 a year plus the costs of having someone else scan
them from fiche to electronic media.  Sheesh!

I need to complete my Hot Coco collection - is there any one who has some
that are willing to share with me?  I am willing to buy them - I am not
expecting a free ride!!  ;)

Speaking of all this make me desire to scan in some of the neater books
such as Barden's assmebler and graphics books for the coco.

Ahhh....don;t bite off more than I can chew, eh??

Michael Harwood

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Subject: [Coco] Hot CoCo on Microfilm...
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Date:    Tue, June 7, 2005 5:44 pm
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Perhaps is just something I dreamed about but I seem to recall that
Michael  E. Nadeau, Editor In Chief of Hot CoCo (CW Communications, ISSN
0740-3186,  then owned by Wayne Green) mentioned something about having no
problems with  Hot CoCo articles and/or programs available on the web...
got to do some  research in the msg databases to see if something comes

Anyway, Hot CoCo is available on Microfilm, so at least there's a third 
party repository keeping this particular venue of CoCo info preseved, try 
the following link:


Hot CoCo had small ads here and there about it being available in
microfilm  from University Microfilms International. The URL above came
after a google  search and once at the UMI site a partial ISSN search
revealed the archive.  Kind of expensive though to get all 3 years

If you follow:


you'll get a sizeable list of computer related publications archived as 
microfil/microfiche... 80 Micro, Family Computing, Run, etc. No Flasoft's 
"The Rainbow" though.

Just my $0.02 :-)

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