[Coco] Microware C question/problem

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Sat Dec 31 19:20:09 EST 2005

Kevin Diggs wrote:
> Hi,
>> Bob Devries wrote:
>>> besides that, the code output for "/"||"\\" is:
>>> ldd #1
>>> very odd indeed.
>     Makes perfect sense to me. For a pre-ANSI compiler that is not going 
> to complain about arg types something that is true ored with something 
> else that is true is going to be true or 1. String literals are just 
> addresses. It is legal code, at least for pre-ANSI. Not sure it makes 
> any sense.
>                     kevin

	One possible explanation for the lead is:

	The compiler seems to want to put the result of logical expressions 
into D. Since we are dealing with addresses the simplest and most 
flexible method to load them is LEA?. Don't remember the associativity. 
Either one should be true. Though I thought the result should be 0 or !0?

	Another possible explanation:  Do any of the sister chips support lead?


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