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cwgordon cwgordon at charter.net
Sat Dec 31 12:13:56 EST 2005

 Thanks for your interest in helping me re-distribute my remaining Coco
hardware/software back into the Coco community where it will be used.

I cannot calculate shipping charges until after the 1st, so please bear with
me until I can get those figures to you.  I'll need a complete mailing
address for each of you who have not supplied it, and I will be sending each
package to you collect.  I wish I could afford to pay the shipping, but I

I'm going to ship out everything as requests have come to me. 

So far,

dan asked for the Green Mountain Micro kit and the Assembly Language
graphics book

idezilla asked for the Orc90, spare disk controller, RS232, and EDTASM cart

zmerch asked for the Coco3 w/bad keyboard

jdaggett asked for the pistol grip joy stick

dj asked for the multipak, working Coco 3, 502 drives, deluxe joystick,
Rainbow Guide to OS-9, Basic09 Tour guide, and the Rainbow guide to os-9
Level II

rrivey asked for the cassette recorder w/cable

Sorry, leonard23, but everything you requested was already asked for.

benbleau asked for the OS9 Dynacalc package.

To the best of my calculations, this is all I have left that hasn't been
asked for:

mouse (26-3025)

serial interface cable (26-3020)

TRS-80 Color Computer Operation Manual - Coco 1

TRS-80 Color Computer Quick Reference Guide - Coco 1

Getting Started with Color Basic - Coco 2

TRS-80 Color Computer Technical Reference Manual

Color Computer Graphics

Alphabet Zoo

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I'm particularly interrested in :
 Any hardware you've got
 Assembly Language Graphics for the TRS-80 Color Computer  the OS9 Dynacalc

My ZIP code is 12901.

Let me know how you want to proceed.


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