[Coco] Re: Coco parts and pieces

cwgordon cwgordon at charter.net
Fri Dec 30 17:36:24 EST 2005

My inventory now consists of:

(2) 128K Coco 3 (26-3334) (1 w/bad keyboard)
w/ 1 set books (Coco3 Extended Basic, Coco3 Quick Reference Guide)

MultiPak w/owners manual (26-3124) (modified to work w/Coco 3) 

502 drives w/controller w/owners manual (26-3131)

mouse (26-3025)

deluxe joystick (26-3012B)

pistol grip joystick (26-3123)

Orc90 synthesizer (26-3143) w/book

disk controller (26-3029)

serial interface cable (26-3020)

RS232 Pak (26-2226)

Cassette player (26-1208A)

Green Mountain Micro LowerKit III for the Coco 1 w/books 

Books include:
TRS-80 Color Computer Operation Manual - Coco 1

TRS-80 Color Computer Quick Reference Guide - Coco 1

Getting Started with Color Basic - Coco 2

TRS-80 Color Computer Technical Reference Manual

Color Computer Graphics

Assembly Language Graphics for the TRS-80 Color Computer

The Complete Rainbow Guide to OS-9

The BASIC09 Tour Guide

The Complete Rainbow Guide to OS-9 Level II

Software includes:
OS-9 DynaCalc

EDTASM cartridge (26-3250)

Alphabet Zoo

My zip code is 29690, and the only thing I ask is shipping/postage.  There
were a few good folks who helped me gather together this collection, and I
always said I'd give it back to the community when I was unable to use it
any more.

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